Saturday, November 7, 2015

You did what to a quilt?

Sometime before Market there always seems to be a collective burst of creative energy from the entire quilt world!  You can see all the building excitement on Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram!  It strikes just about everyone.  About a week before the event I had an idea.  It was one I had played around with previously but for some reason never fully embraced.

This time, I decided it was a must have! A quilt skirt!

I knew it had to be red and I wanted something fun to make the background dance!  I chose a jelly roll of Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics and various reds from my stash to create the log cabins. I pieced with Aurifil 50wt and constructed the skirt with 40wt.  I used a circle skirt pattern from Butterick B5882 which is a lovely dress but I only needed the skirt and did not want to do the math!

It took only two days to make the completed quilt top!  The log cabins are 12in finished blocks and were super easy to whip together.  I made the center 2.5 x 1.5in and all the rounds are 1.5in strips  Easy peasy! I pressed as I went to keep everything flat.  I did not line the skirt ( no time) and wish that it had pockets ( next time). 

The in-house engineer and the teenaged girl, who typically have NO opinion whatsoever about my quilts both questioned my decision to make this  into a skirt.  They would deliberately stroll through the sewing room and throw a " Are you sure?" in my direction.  The doubt was certainly growing.  The quilt is stunning! 

Katy and I played with the placement for a few hours then went to bed.  The following day, I wanted to make the skirt to have it ready to wear for the Market floor!  I went straight to work!  I cut out the front of the skirt and realized that I had gut it in the WRONG direction!  OMG!  I thought I was going to throw up!  I may have had more than a slight panic attack! My original idea was to have the the direction of the dots horizontal and the links connecting!  This was not cool!

I cut the rest of the pieces out, knowing that there was no way I would have the time to make an entirely new quilt and decided that the Japanese lanterns looked pretty amazing too! 

Honestly, nothing else was done in the house while all of this was happening! The people of the house had to scavenge for food and this was my real sewing space.  This is what we all do for our passion! 

I love this skirt!  There are now more ideas for creative uses with quilt making techniques in garment sewing for upcoming events!  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SHOUT OUT to Kala Brand Music!

My number two son is on his second deployment.  Sometime in the past year he decided to start playing a Ukulele.  It is pretty cool to be able to play any instrument and have always enjoyed when the kids have an interest in learning.  When Michael left for deployment he decided to order an Ukelele to practice and found that other people were enjoying his playing.  He wrote to Kala Brand Music Co.  to let them know how much JOY was being created by their instrument.

To Michael's surprise, this FABULOUSLY supportive company sent TWO instruments for Michael to teach some others how to play!  

I hope you will join me in saying THANK YOU to this generous company for supporting my son and his friends while they are so far away from home!

You can find Kala Brand Music on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , Soundcloud,  their website

THANK YOU so much for your support Kala!!!!  My son and I are very grateful!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

More Difficult Than Choosing A Spouse! { My Farmer's Wife Pull}

I ordered my book ( and two other Farmer's Wife books JUMPED into my cart) and was so excited I started pulling fabrics!  Being a scrappy sewer, I have already resigned myself to the reality that there is going to be a massive mess in the sewing room and possibly the tv room since that is usually my winter sewing home.

Looking for the perfect fabrics is a difficult task especially for a one year project.  You need to find something to commit to, something you love, something that you will not tire of, something that gives you is kind of like choosing a spouse! It may even be MORE difficult because one you have sewn it, quilted it and bound is final!  SO much PRESSURE!

These are the two possible choices at this point.  I have had a complete and utter love affair with Liberty of London for years.  I have been very open about this adoration ( I gush) and through the efforts of Kristen Link of Sew Mama Sew organizing not one but TWO Liberty swaps ( THANK YOU KRISTEN) I was able to acquire this collection of gorgeousness!  It has it's own special place in the sewing room away from light but where I can see it.  This is my precious...

The second choice is actual four sacks!  I found these on either ebay or Etsy.  I think it was ebay and now I really wish I could remember since I will need oh so much more if I decide to use these! The colors are perfect and it seems somehow just right to use them in a 1930's quilt.  Gives it more authenticity. I LOVE these colors and the feel of the fabrics is different.  They are hearty and stable.  It is nice :o) It has stability and staying power. This too is a good choice...sigh...

There is not doubt what thread I will be using!  Aurifil 50wt!  I would use 2600 ( Dove) that is the perfect color when piecing with so many variations of colors but I am out, so I pulled some others that would work just as well :o)  The 50wt is an Egyptian cotton two ply thread and very thin ( but strong) to help with perfect piecing and FLAT seams.  I have heard that these blocks have some bulk in places, thinner thread will help make them not bulk up!

So I have a tough decision to make but luckily a have a few weeks to decide!

Which collection would you choose? 

I am linking up to 

Molli Sparkles

Friday, August 7, 2015

Have you made a Farmer's Wife Quilt?

Summer took over the household and made it next to impossible to sew.  I foolishly thought there would more time to work on projects and blog but the kids take priority in my days ( mostly because if I do not take care of them they will sit on me).  

When looking online for what is the newest, latest and greatest, I stumbled upon this treasure!  Angie from Gnome Angel, Marti Michell and Fat Quarter Shop are having a Quilt Along starting in Sept for The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt!  

September works perfectly for my schedule since the kids will be BACK in school! Committing to two blocks a week sounds like the perfect amount for even the busy girl's sewing schedule! 

Visit The Farmer's Wife Sew Along on Gnome Angel to find out ALL the information ( including the very active Facebook page)!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Little did I know that someone {cough...cough...Pat Sloan!} had a secret mission and organized an absolute MASSIVE birthday mailing to my home from so many of my friends and quilters that I adore and admire!  I thought it was a fluke when I had received a couple of cards and then it happened... more and more cards and gifts started appearing in my post box!  Adam was so excited to get the daily mail...LOL!

In addition to the FABULOUS many and SO FUNNY, there were a GIFTS!!!!  OMG AWESOME GIFTS from Pat, Jennifer Paganelli, Sara, Patty Young, Amy and Donna.  I am just really overwhelmed!

The cards were incredible!!!!

There were cards all the way from Australia from my sweet friend Jane!  Thank you Petal!  That took some planning!

There were handmade cards from Scott Hansen and Kate Spain!  Even one from Kitty ( Night Quilter) with our new #logcabingurlsclub!  You can join in the log cabin love fest too!

This has ben my BEST birthday EVER!!!!  Thank you everyone that contributed through online wishes, cards, texts and wonderful gifts!  You all have made the last year of my 40's the BEST of my LIFE!  

The random winner was chosen for the Unauthorized giveaway too!  It was Andres Rosales!!!!!  Thank you so much everyone!!!!!!  

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The completely UNAUTHORIZED Happy Birthday Giveaway!

How many times does a girl turn 49?  Hopefully only this once! This is it!  I am entering my last year before I turn the BIG 50!

So, since I have absolutely NO CLUE as to what is expected at this ripe old age, I decided to have a GIVEAWAY!  That is unexpected and really quite lovely for me ( I LOVE sharing great stuff) and hopefully for you too!

To make this a fun and unique opportunity, a brand NEW Aurifil collection has been created.  This is a completely UNAUTHORIZED collection of my own making from the bins in my sewing room.  I looked through all the colors and weights and decided that this collection would contain the best of all worlds!  A combination of weights ( included are 50wt, 40wt 28wt and 12wt), colors and even some  FABULOUS variegated!  This way you can try so much in one GORGEOUS thread box.  The bottom row alone is giving me chills!

Say "HELLO GORGEOUS!" to the My Go-Go Life Aurifil ( did I mention it is completely unauthorized) collection!

Look at this!!!! Makes me SO HAPPY!!!!

And as if that were not enough...I will be adding in a small spool collection of Frances Newcomb's Treasure Chest and three mini charm packs!

The grand finale, is an Aurifil color card with ALL 270 lush colors so you will be able to match up the perfect threads to every project!

That is a whole lot of AMAZING stuff you can win!!!!

I will be using Rafflecopter for the giveaway to give you a few options to make it easier for you to enter and for me to be able to contact the random winner!  This giveaway is open internationally since I LOVE all of my awesome international friends :o) I would love it if you could share it with all of your friends too ;)  Repost, retweet, relove :o) Happy Birthday to me and I am sending GOOD LUCK wishes to you!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Four things to hopefully make the 8 year old happy!

With everything that has been going on in the 8-yr old's room, he has been somewhat apprehensive about every single change that is being made.  This has been his only room.  He has grown up with this familiar.  The process has been unsettling and I did not see that coming at all.  Taking his feelings into consideration, the progress has been slow and involving him at every step.  I love my guy and want him to be happy.   

Here are a few of the things that will be coming into his "new" bigger kid room.  First is from my stamp collection.  I love stamps and think they are true works of art.  I grabbed some inexpensive Ikea frames ( they are the BEST) and showed him how cool some stamps on his wall would be! He smiled :o)

A typewriter!  I am convinced that every kid needs a typewriter to goof off and have some word fun old school style. There was no convincing needed!

I found this at the Salvation Army for a great night stand!  Not sure if I will paint it or just clean it up ( it needs a deep cleaning) and a seal coat. 

Would you paint it or clean and seal?

And these vintage Air Mail plane prints I found at the same shop.  If you are a frequent flyer ( see what I did there) on my blog, you may remember my in house engineer was a Navy pilot,  we met in the Navy where I was a Plane Captain working with A-4's at NAS Miramar across the hanger from THE Top Gun.  It was a forbidden love.  We both have a thing for planes.  Even if Adam did not give the thumbs up to these, they would be displayed somewhere else.

I only have the ceiling left to paint ( did all the trim yesterday) and then finally putting all the stuff back in his room.  This will make everyone in the house very happy since his room is taking up the upstairs hallway!

In my down time, I have been prepping more thrift shop shirts getting ready for another project! It is the perfect activity to do while watching Scandal!  I feel like I am getting something sewing related checked off my list.

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